Gmail not Receiving Email

Error Free Solution If Gmail Not Receiving Emails Updated 2019 Guide


Gmail is one of the best email service providers offering a variety of features that make the emailing experience an interesting one to its users.However, the primary function of a Gmail account remains the same i.e. Gmail not receiving emails. We must not forget that using a Gmail account is not significant if your Gmail not receiving emails.This blog guide will shed light on the reasons and solution of why you are not receiving emails in Gmail.


Best Possible Reason Why Gmail Not Receiving Emails in Gmail Account


Before proceeding towards the solution of not receiving errors in Gmail, it is important for you to understand the reasons behind this problem. Here are some common situations leading to the “unable to send or receive emails in Gmail” error-


  • The browser on which you are running or loading Gmail is not compatible.
  • Your Internet connectivity is very unstable or slow.
  • The browsers you are using have too many caches, cookies or temporary files.
  • Your Gmail inbox is jam-packed with emails and there is no space for any new messages.
  • The add-on or extensions installed in your web browser is blocking Gmail for working properly.
  • The size of an attachment in an incoming email is bigger than the permissible limit.
  • Your Antivirus or Firewall setting is stopping Gmail from fetching a new email.
  • You have blocked the sender mistakenly.
  • Gmail filters redirecting new messages to a folder other than the inbox.
  • Incorrect IMAP or POP settings.


Now Check Updated 2019 How to Fix Gmail Not Receiving Emails


Here are the basic troubleshooting steps required to resolve gmail not receiving  emails:


  • Delete the unwanted emails from your Gmail account to make space for other emails. When Gmail runs out of storage space then you cannot send or receive emails. In order to fix the gmail not receiving emails issue,you need to empty the emails that you no longer need. Gmail has set the limit of sending and receiving emails 500 per day. Once the limit is crossed, you cannot receive emails on that day.
  • Confirm the email address of sender before sending him/her the email. The email address you’re trying to send an email to must be a valid one. Invalid emails get bounced back.
  • Remove the filters (if you’ve applied in Gmail settings) from Gmail folders. Filter can cause sending/receiving error in Gmail.
  • There might be a possibility that the issue is on the receiver’s side. In this case, you must tell the receiver to correct the problem.
  • If the attachment you are trying to send exceeds 25 MB limit then you cannot send that document/file. For this, you need to use Google drive to send the file to the concerned recipient.
  • Sometimes the emails you are trying to send or receiving from another user land in spam or trash folders. Therefore, you need to check the concerned folder and take the necessary step further.


Additional Tips to Fix Gmail Not Receiving Email Problem

Given below are some additional instructions with the help of which you can resolve the “Gmail not receiving emails 2019” problem.

  • Clear the browser’s cache and cookies when you face difficulty in receiving emails in Gmail.
  • If you’re using Gmail app then update the app to the latest version to fix the problem of Gmail not receiving emails
  • You might try uninstalling the app and the re-install it in your phone to solve the gmail not receiving email issue.