Google Gravity not Working

Google Gravity is an fundamental features if Google search you can see with some tips and tricks, and most of people don’t know that Google gravity is a Java Script based search engine trick that Google programmed and established in 2009.


Google Gravity is a scheduled JavaScript-based search engine that acts as a kind of game or entertainment for users, who can interact with the software as if its elements get affected by gravity. Google Gravity works fine with the web based browsers. So enjoy using the superb feature of Google Gravity.


What Will You do if your Google Gravity is not Working and how to solve this problem


If Google gravity is not working and user want to access it, In that case follow the procedure started below:-​


  • First of all open internet browser that user access generally, just make sure that user do not use a browser that does not give Google instant results.
  • Google populates results when user type Google Gravity in your search bar, you will need to turn off the Instant result feature for the same.
  • Now sign in by Google account and then type Google preferences into address bar
  • Now under the Google Instant predictions and choose the Never show instant results. Save the changes at page user have been directed which would be present at the bottom of the page.
  • Enter Google into the address bar which would direct user to Google main search engine.
  • In the query bar which would be right in front of user type Google Gravity.
  • Instead of click search click on I m feeling lucky which is present besides it.
  • At the bottom of the page user would see the Google button crashing down.
  • Click any of the elements appearing, move the curser and then release it. Here for fun user could also pick the logo of Google and move it around in a circle and also swing it around.
  • Wait for few minutes and user can use the search bar as normally they would.


Google Gravity is one of the many hidden games great company that keeps on the Internet and likes the millions of users who choose this search engine for your daily use of both connections. So you know how to use it. Do not dominate others and have fun with this unique tool.


If the above step is not working for you and still you have issues with your Google Gravity, you need to call the Google Gravity helpline number 1-866-535-7333 so if you have query with Google Gravity or you are searching for reasons of Google Gravity Not Working, get in touch with the online support team.


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