Google Search Not Working in Chrome

How To fix : If My Google Search Not Working on Chrome, iPhone, Android or iPad

Google and its search is one of the prior thing in whole world most of people depend on its whatever they want to look or search through google search algorithm it works technically and provide the result as per your need.Google search data works as per people mind at their location whatever they are searching for his/her need related to educational purpose, some analyse, research, medical center, entertainment so in that case google search give the result on his SERP.

So sometime user might be face issue like” Google search bar not working” or Google search not working on your devices like on android phone, google chrome, iphon, ipad or whatever device you are using.

What is the Reason Behind Google Search Not Working on Your Device

There may be many reason if your google search not working on your device or not supported, due to some multiple browser or devices on your desktop, laptop due to internet connection or cache memory full this error occur.

Find Solution if Google Search not working on chrome browser

In order to find solution and fix google search not working problems on google chrome browser see the below here:

  • Open your google chrome browser and click on setting option
  • Now come on the below after scroll down the windows and click on “Show advanced settings option”.
  • You will see the “Privacy section” user need to click on “Clear Browsing Data”.
  • At the end you will need to check these option in the following listed 4 items
  1. Clear browsing history
  2. Clear browsing histroy
  3. Delete all cookies and other site and plugin data
  4. Empty the cache


Method 1: Get Solution to Delete Google chrome browser history to fix Google search not working on Google chrome browser


Well this one is not permanent method but using this temporary tried method you can get the help check this out now the steps

  • You just need to click the menu and click on 3 dots on right top menu
  • Click on the history option
  • Now Press on the clear browsing data
  • Click right ticks on all boxes & simple clear all browsing data
  • Now click on the settings option
  • Come on below by scroll down and press on “show advanced settings option”.
  • Under the “Privacy section” clear the browsing data
  • Check the following option below:
  • Clear browsing history
  • Clear download data
  • Delete cookies and other site plugin data
  • Empty the cache
  • Ignore these 4 option:
  • clear saved password
  • clear saved Autofill form data
  • clear data from hosted apps
  • Deauthorize content licenses


Method 2: Please Reset your firewall settings if you want to fix Google search not working Problem

By default you need to reset your firewall settings which may be fix permanently,fix as some of the inbound or outbound rules of the firefox may block the search engine to load in your browser:

  • Please open the control panel on Desktop
  • Click on the windows firewall section
  • You will see the section”Restore Defaults”.
  • please enter here and click on restore defaults
  • Once done simply restart the browser and you will see you search engine giant working as good as it should.

Conclusion : So its simple using these two method Google search not working problem will definitely resolved.


So that after finishing these steps your google search not working problem on google chrome browser will resolved also chrome browser not working problems will get resolved still you are facing trouble to get fix this error kindly contact at Google Support number 1-866-535-7333

Find Now Another Way if Google Search not working on Android Phone Perfection Guide by This Website

If you are using Android phone, iPhone or iPad and same kind of google search not working problems facing on these devices you can also check the services steps as below:

Method 1: You can update the apps to fix Google search not working problem on Android ,iPhone or iPad

  • Please open your google play store account
  • Now ,Slide the Menu from left to right and select ‘My Apps’.
  • Search there Google Apps application and tap to update that

Method2:Please Make sure your Google apps is enable or not

  • First you need to open the settings option on android phone
  • Scroll down that page and tap on application on google apps
  • Then select the “Application Manager section”.
  • If there Disabled button is enable in Google apps please tap there to enable it

Method 3 : Clean the Google Apps Cache to fix Google search not working Problem

  • First on you need to open the settings option on Android Phone
  • Search there application section open it and choose Application Manager.
  •  Tap on ‘All’ located at the top of the page to view the complete list of the applications.
  • Select Google App, scroll down the page and tap on Clear Caches.

Method 4 : Please Reboot your android device to fix Google search not working error

  • Please close all Apps by tapping on the soft keys on the device
  • Now Click on Power button and reboot your phone
  • After finish this step,check the Google Widget option.

So that above the method as discussed here will resolve your all problem of “Google Search not working on Android Phone, iPhone, iPad or Google Search not working on Google Chrome Browser ” in a Appropriate way.