How to fix Email Error 550?

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how to fix email error 550

While sending mails, you often face email error 550. So what is exactly “email error 550”? Simply put, 550 blocked error means that the email you sent has been rejected by the recipient’s email hosting server and sent you back. The 550 email error message also includes original message sent by you.

Possible reasons for the error:

  • The problem may occur due to ‘IP blacklisting’ in which the server’s IP is identified as spam source in email reputation tracking services. Since most of the servers don’t accept mails marked as spam, it shows the error “550 Email blocked”. These mails are differentiated as spam and non-spams by third party services. This is based on the sender’s IP, message header, attachments etc.
  • If the DNS settings of the receiver are incorrect, then also you will face this issue.
  • This may also happen when the recipient’s mailbox is not available or you have done typing error while entering receiver’s address. Another reason could be that the recipient has been removed permanently from the server.
  • The server of recipient contains bugs and the configuration is not proper.

In case the mail you have just sent bounces, it means your mail server IP is listed in a DNS blacklist i.e. DNSBL. You can find out whether your mail IP is blacklisted or not through the link: . If you are identified as blacklisted, it means someone has uploaded a spam script via a web application or the login details of an email account has been stolen and is being misused.

How to fix Email error 550?

  1. Set a limit for incoming email. When the mailbox quota exceeds, error 550 occurs. This simply means that the recipient’s inbox is full.
  2. While typing the recipient’s email address, make sure you don’t make errors of spelling or alphabet.
  3. Check whether the email account exist currently.
  4. Properly check DNS settings to avoid DNS problem or loss of MX record. It can be fixed by contacting the recipient server support.
  5. Verify email filter by contacting recipient server support, in case any incorrect filter is there which is blocking the emails.

Try the above methods and most probably you will be able to fix your errors. If not, you can contact customer care also.

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