How to fix Gmail Connecting Error with your Browser?

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gmail connecting error

When you are using your gmail account and while mailing you face issue with the error pop up it annoys. It disturbs a lot at the time of sending or receiving mails and ends with a pop up Oops, the system encountered with the problem. This creates problem while login into your account and you would also be not able to log in. Here are the steps you can follow to recover the problem connecting to gmail error, you can follow them and get access to your account:

Update your Chrome browser

How to Update your Chrome browser

Here you can update your different browser so that your gmail can run smoothly on your browser. Here are the steps you can follow to update your browser because if you update your browser in new updated version it can work smoothly on your system:

  • Go to your chrome browser
  • Search for customize and control google chrome button you would find if you click on three dots.
  • Now choose help, and then go to the about google chrome.
  • Here you would be able to see the updates, if any available you can install that on the browser.

This is to update your Chrome browser.

Update your Microsoft Edge

How to Update your Microsoft Edge

For updating Microsoft Edge on your window 10, follow the given below steps:

  • Go to the window icon and in the start menu tap on gear icon.
  • Now the setting application will be open.
  • Now search for update and security option.   
  • Under update and security tap on check for updates.
  • Now it will automatically show you the updates of the browser, if you have updates you can click on start update option.

This is to update your Microsoft Edge browser.

Update Firefox browser

How to Update Firefox browser
  • First hover over to your browser.
  • Go to the open menu option and click on the help menu option.
  • For proceeding to the updates select about updates option.
  • Now it would itself check for the updates and inform you.

These were the tips to update your firefox browser.

Speedup your internet connection

Many of the time you face problem because of your slow internet speed. You can check on your internet at the time of using any of your social media account. If you find on the internet you would get many ideas of how to boost your internet speed. This can speed up your internet speed and you browser will not react or show any error on gmail.

Clear your browser cache and cookies

 Even after following these steps your browser is not working then you must clear caches on your system or you can re-install the browser this can let your Gmail work again if you have issues with your browser.

These were the methods where you get to know how to fix gmail connecting error

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