How to fix Gmail error 400

how to fix gmail 400 error

Gmail has a number of users across the world. It’s a free web-mail account being used on multiple devices and offers the best facilities and features. Since it is also well known for its Google services, people are able to manage their Google accounts also through their Gmail service. Though you face many issues while using Gmail account, one of the common problems is Gmail error 400. To fix bad request error 400 in Google Chrome, there are many ways depending upon the actual cause of the problem. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Some common reasons of Gmail error 400

  1. First of all, check your Google Chrome internet browser. If it is working fine then the problem lies somewhere else. If you find a fault in browser itself, then repair it.
  2. Check the speed of internet. If internet is slow, then it is the obvious reason for error.
  3. If the Google sever is showing a traffic, then immediately clean it to fix the error.
  4. If you are using Google chrome and a bad request is seen on the browser itself.
  5. Go to your Gmail account and see if it is working properly or very slow. Is it showing various options or not?

If you have detected any of the problem above, you can fix Gmail error 400 in few minutes.

Ways to fix Gmail error 400

  1. Launch Google chrome internet browser and go to Gmail account page.
  2. Enter your correct Gmail address and password. Once you are login go to internet settings.
  3. Now select cache and cookies button. It will help you in removing the stored items in the browser. After removing unwanted material go to Gmail IMP files and right click on the screen.
  4. Now you have to inspect element. After this, select resources tab from the top of the developer tools windows.
  5. Go to cookies and click on “” and click on cookies button.
  6. To refresh the page, close the developer. Now select all cookies to delete.
  7. Now to get connected with your browser you have to select the cookies.
  8. From the Google chrome, select the settings page.
  9. Now go to advanced button. in the general settings show the privacy button. select cache and cookies button.
  10. Refresh and click on the cache and cookies button in the Google chrome browser.
  11. After scrolling down to the bottom click on remove button at the end of the task.

The above procedure is simple and works out in most of the cases to fix the Gmail error 400. Still you face a problem then call on the helpline number.

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