How to Fix Gmail error 502?

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It happens most of the time when you are opening your website and not able to load the page. Similarly while opening your gmail account your page doesn’t load and would appear a pop up message showing error 502 which says “oops… A server error occurred and your email was not sent (error#502). This kind of problem has been faced by almost all the users globally.

When you are facing this kind of issues while using gmail, and your pop up shows that your mail is temporarily unavailable then you can try log in after sometime and if you face the same kind of problem, you can follow the given below tips to fix out this problem of how to fix Gmail error 502:

Steps to fix gmail error 502

  • First of all go to the login page and log in using your username and password.
  • Now in the upper right side of the page you can see a setting icon.
  • Click on it.
  • Under the icon click on the settings option.
  • Now in the upper right side of the screen you can see a blue color “lab” option, click on it.
  • Now in the search bar search for ‘Background send’ option.
  • Now in the lab option disable all its features.
  • If still you are facing the issue then update your browser.
  • You can clear cache from your browser so that it can work again like before.

You can follow these steps when your browser shows error 502 on your system. Apart from this you should use good system antivirus to scan your system from time to time. A good antivirus always protects your system no matter what kind of problem you face.

Remove unwanted storage from your system

Sometimes when your system is filled with a lot of space, you can remove the unwanted applications on your system so that it can run smoothly. These applications create a lot of issues eat storage of your system sometimes also spread malwares, virus because these are not preferable by Google. So you can remove it by scanning your system.

Clear browser history

Clearing your history is a very good option for your browser to run smooth. When there is a lot of data that eat up space in your system it becomes slow. You can even delete unnecessary emails from your gmail account because when once you subscribe to any profile on your gmail it gives you a lot of notifications and emails on your device, this can slow down the performance of your gmail account. So you can select these and delete them.

These were the tips you can follow to recover error 502.

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