How to fix if Chrome not playing Youtube video

Chrome not playing Youtube video

Google is not just reading blogs that is not just Google Chrome. It also provides service in Youtube. Google is the sole responsible person in the management of Chrome and also Youtube. And at times Chrome not playing youtube video is a major problem. We usually face that chrome not working and this is another problem that Chrome gives the users.

How to make Youtube work in Chrome?

As in browser we search something then we find that we have to watch the videos that appear which are from the Youtube. And mainly we can’t always afford to lose storage by downloading Youtube if we have a small device. So in such case when chrome doesn’t support it is hectic.
But don’t worry the below steps will help you fix it.

  • Restart your device 
  • You have to off the Java Script 
  • Chrome settings must be changed 
  • Malware must be scanned 
  • Chrome can be uninstalled and reinstalled again 
  • Can make a try to open youtube in another browser 
  • Go to app and clear the browsing history and also its cache. 
  • Once try the incognito mode 
  • The Network connection must be managed
  • Problems in the extensions is to be fixed 

if you follow all the given above given steps it would surely help your Chrome Not Playing Youtube video to run on your system.



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