How to fix outlook send receive error 0x8004010f?

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How to fix outlook send receive error 0x8004010f

The exchange server problem in outlook will cause the outlook to send receive error 0x8004010f . The data is saved in the offline storage table file, so when you have an error this may be affected. When you are merging with the exchange account then you will have to work on with the OST file without making any interruptions. 

There are times when you may face the issue of error while working on the OST file. So you might have to synchronization within the outlook and exchange to solve the problems in the OST files. This article will let you know how to fix the Outlook error in many ways. 

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Outlook error ways to fix  

Create a new Outlook profile

At times the profile you have may be an error so you have to fix it by creating a new outlook profile. 

Step 1 –

First, open the control panel and then tap on mail.
After that open the mail setup box and then you have to select the current outlook profile and choose the properties option.
Go to Account settings and then tap on data files and then you have to check on the default profile and then close and exit it.

Step 2 –

Go to control panel and then go to your profile and then click on add. Then fill up the new name for your profile in the dialog box and then add new account pop up will appear.
Choose the Manually configure server settings or additional server types tap and then tap on next where the choose service box will appear then select the internet email and go for next.
Further, you have to test the account settings and then select the option for the existing outlook data file and then tap on browse.
Then in the open outlook data file find the outlook data file that was present previously tap on ok then go to next and then tap on close and then finish.

Step 3

Go to the always use this profile option in the control panel and then select the new profile from the menu below and tap on OK . This will set the new outlook profile default. 

When a new profile can’t be created

Go to the outlook file and then choose the account settings option . In the change folder option click on the plus sign near it and then go to inbox and create a new folder and provide a name to it.
Then once you selected the new folder you will find this to be shown as the delivery location. Now click on the change folder option and change to the original location.
Now select inbox and tap OK then close the settings. 

This how you can clear the outlook send receive error 0x8004010f. You also have many  articles related to the errors so make sure you read it. And you can also find many technical articles to fix your work more easily. 

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