How to fix send receive error outlook 365 ?

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how to fix send receive error outlook 365

The send receive error outlook 365 has become a common error nowadays. And to fix it takes time as it involves many techniques. To help you not waste your time we have found ways to fix the problem. It is obviously a great ultimatum to repair the outlook PST but still, we would fix it. 

We all know that the MS outlook provides support to many functions and is so essential for emailing the clients. So you can’t sit quiet when it doesn’t work properly. And mainly the send and receive error being common is to be surely resolved. Thus, you have to follow the ways to get rid of the problem. 

ways to fix the send receive an error in outlook 365

Ways to fix the send receive error in outlook 365 

Internet connection to be fixed

Sometimes we connect to wifi and it is not so reachable and we forget to enable the data connection. So you have to check the connectivity of the internet. 

Spam unwanted emails and stop large emails

Make sure you don’t send any large emails to the client and in case of wanted attached emails or unknown email make sure you spam it not to download those attachments. 

Firewall settings

Open firewall settings in your antivirus software and enable the outlook software. This will let you not obstruct the sending and receiving of emails. 

Malware detection

Go to your Antivirus software and update the software and also check for malware and detect it. 

Email account settings

Go to the settings of the account in files and then go to more settings and choose the outlook server tab.
Then check the SMTP and then select the log onto the incoming server before sending mail. 

Remove the Adds

Open the command prompt run dialog and type outlook.exe/safe so that you don’t get any adds which would cause malware issues and other disturbances. 

Repair outlook application

Go to the control panel and then move to the uninstall programs option. Then you will find outlook present on the list. Right click over it and then select the repair option. Then a repair wizard will pop out tap on next. Then you have to follow the instructions given by them. 

Third-party software to be used

You have the PST repair tool to fix the issue and well this is the third party software but it still fixes the problem. You can use the stellar repair for outlook to fix the PST file damages. This has back up power and also fix the algorithms. The tools are effective and can solve the scanPST. exe corruption too. 

The problem of send receive error outlook 365 is not a long time problem. But need to be fixed else it may stay as long at times. But by using the third party software you can fix it. And these are the ways which can help you fix it  all. 

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