How to post on Pinterest

how to post on pinterest

Pinterest helps you in finding things and topics related to your interests. An attractive post on Pinterest attracts many people of your field, so here is how to post on Pinterest?

You can login to Pinterest from your computer, Smartphone , laptop or tablet. Just follow the below steps to post on Pinterest and enter into the world of your choice:

  1. From your browser go to Enter your username and password to login. You can even login using your Facebook account.
  2. A ‘plus’ sign in a white circle will be there in the lower-right corner of the Pinterest window.
  3. A pop-up menu appears. If you are asked to get the Pinterest Browser button, select ‘Not Now ’and click the plus sign again.
  4. You will find an option ‘Upload a Pin’ in the centre of the menu. From here you will directed to a window with options to upload photo.
  5. Click on ‘Drag and drop or click to upload’ present in the left-hand side of the photo upload window. It will prompt a File Explorer or Finder window for Windows and Mac respectively. Click the Upload Pin switch present in the lower-left corner if you are unable to get this option.
  6. Now select a photo you want to upload.
  7. Now click “Open” from the bottom-right corner. This will complete your uploading.
  8. Further, you can also add a description in the description text box.
  9. Click ‘Done.’
  10. Save your photo over the board on which you want it to be. You can even ‘Create board’ for its own.

This is your post on Pinterest. Don’t forget to add URL by editing the image once it is uploaded.  You may also add keywords to enhance the search. Adding Hashtags will also help you Pin to reach maximum people.



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