How to Setup Chromecast

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In the blog we will discuss the steps in detail to set up the Chromecast,The design of Chromecast has changed from the first time it was launched by Google but the basic method of setting up the dongle remains the same.


Step 1 : Setup Chromecast – The Chromecast pack comes with an HDMI connector and also a short HDMI extension cable (in case you might need it). You will have to plug in the Chromecast to an HDMI slot that is spare in your TV. To the other end of the Chromecast, plug in the micro-USB cable that is supplied with it. You can either attach this to a USB port provided on your TV or connect it to a USB adaptor and plug into a power outlet.

Step 2 : How to Setup Chromecast- Switch on your television and wait for it to detect Chromecast. In case it fails to do so, use the remote control to switch to the HDMI input you connected to in step 1. You will see a setup screen.

Step 3 : How to Setup Chromecast – Now you can either install the Google Home app or check on the device that you are using to control Chromecast. Once there, accept the terms and conditions and check that your device is connected to the WIFI network you wish to use for Chromecast.

Step 4: How to Setup Chromcast – On the top right of the Google home app, you will see a device’s icon. Select that so it can search for any casting hardware on the device you are using. Once it finds the Chromecast, select it and click on Set up, continue.


Step 5 : How to Setup Chromecast – A code will come up on your phone, match it with the one that is visible on the TV screen and tap on ‘I see the code’ to continue.

Step 6: Setup Chromecast-You have an option to change the name of Chromecast to something you desire or simply click to continue.

Step 7 : How to Setup Chromecast– You will now have to choose your WIFI network and then click on continue. The Chromecast will be connect to the internet and will download and install any updates, if necessary. Sign into the Google account by following the directions on the screen. With this, you will complete your process.

Step 8 : Now that the Chromecast Setup is complete, you can start to stream the videos. There are several applications that support the feature of casting and you can do so by simply clicking on the cast icon, available on their interface and then selecting the option of your Chromecast. The other option is to mirror the screen of your Android phone or tablet. You can do so by opening the Google Home app and selecting cast screen option from the menu that is available on the left side. Now choose the option of Chromecast.

Step 9 : You can also find several applications for Chromecast in Google Play. For instance, you can install a game that you can play and enjoy on your television but control from your phone.

The Chromecast Setup is not just uncomplicated but it also does not require several things. Installing the product is a very simple process and does not require much effort from the user.