How to Transfer Money From Google Wallet to Another Account

how to transfer money from google wallet to another account

How to Send Money or Transfer From Google Wallet to Another Bank Account


Most of you would be knowing that the Google wallet was being replaced so, in that case, you will need ways to send or say transfer the money to another account so this blog basically will tell you of how to transfer  money from Google wallet to another account. The steps easy and you need not to feel biased as you have your money. The steps are secured and you can follow them without any fear.


  • Visit and there you will have to sign in to your account.
  • When you click on the left menu where you will find the option of Send or request.
  • Then click on send and then you have to put the amount you want to transfer and write down the type of payment and also make sure you enter the account’s last four number.
  • You will find an account been shown if that is the account to which you have to send then you can tap on send.
  • In case if you want to send to any other account then you have to select the pencil icon to add the account for sending the money.
  • You can also use the debit card also to send the money


Send money from Google Wallet into your Bank Account


  • You have to click on the left menu and there you will find the option of send or request.
  • Then you have to enter the amount and then click on transfer to the bank.

So, this is the basic way to transfer the amount to the bank using this above trick you can transfer Money From Google Wallet To Another Bank Account

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