How to tag someone on Facebook

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how to tag someone on facebook

Those who use Facebook are well known to the importance of tagging on Facebook. Tagging is the way of sharing some necessary information with those linked to your Facebook account. The other people whom you have tagged in your Facebook post gets a notification regarding that. Take a look at how to tag someone on Facebook. Tagging some other person in your post depends completely on the privacy settings of the user.

Tagging someone in your status update

If you want to share your status update with your friends by tagging them, type “@” symbol before their name. When you start typing the initial letters of your friend’s name, a small window will appear and will prompt the best matches for the text you have just entered. When you click on a name from there, it gets highlighted in blue on the post shared.

You can even tag other people also, even if they are not in your friend list. They may be friends of friends, businesses, etc. This applies to tag someone in comments also. But remember, if you tag someone in your post, the post will be visible to their friends too.

Using “Who are you with” option

If you want to share that who are you with at a particular time, place or in a photo, use the feature “With.” Click on the “Tag Friends” option, and you will be able to see a with a box below the post. You can add one or more names, and these names will be included at the end of your post. You can tag only your friends in a post using this process.

Tagging friends in a photo

When you tag your friends in photos, those photos also get added to the “Photos of you section” for everyone in that picture. To tag someone on Facebook pictures, follow the below steps:

  • Open any Facebook photo.
  • If there is a face inside that picture, you will get a show box.
  • Click inside that box and enter the person’s name you want to tag.
  • If you didn’t find any text box, click on the “Tag photo” option. You will find the “Tag Photo” option at the bottom of the screen. A drag box will appear over the person’s face.
  • Enter your friend’s name in the text box to tag.

Tagging is fun. You could share your memories with everyone and recall the moments spent together. I hope you learn How to tag someone on Facebook.