What to do if Gmail is not working on iPhone

Gmail is not working on iphone

Sometimes you are not able to load your Gmail account on your iPad or iPhone even if you have entered the correct password. It may happen that it is due to the strict security rules by the companies. In some cases, it is observed that the consumers have taken a vacation and on reaching their destination, they find out that their email is not loading anymore.  Due to security reasons, it stops loading when travelling.

When Google detects a connection from a new area, it blocks the sign-in, in order to prevent hacking of the account. There are many other reasons also for which Gmail blocks the sign-in attempts other than the security issues.

How you can fix Gmail is not working on iPhone or iPad:

  1. Check if there are any alerts on the Gmail website as you couldn’t find them on your iPad or iPhone. Open any browser like Chrome or Safari. Go to Gmail.com and enter your email id and password. You may get a pop-up asking to download an app, ignore it for now and select “mobile Gmail site” instead. Once you are logged in, you could find an email or alert box with statements like ‘Someone has stolen your password’ or ‘Gmail has blocked your attempt at signing in’. if you detect such mail, click on the links like ‘That was me’, ‘Review your devices now ’or similar.
  2. You could use Google’s Website to Review your device. In the ‘My account section’ of Google’s website you will find ‘Device activity and notifications’, just check it. it will also allow you to unblock the sign-in attempts. You’ll be able to load gmail now.
  3. CAPTCHA reset is also offered by Gmail that temporarily unlocks a portion of the security features. Go to Google’s CAPTCHA reset page and log in using your id and password. Now when you try again to login via your iPad or iPhone you will not face any issue.
  4. IMAP, is a Google’s technology which is used to send mail to your device. If it is disabled in the settings, it will prevent you from accessing your email account.  Check it and make sure it is working.
  5. Try Reloading your Gmail Account. Try this step after you have logged in through the above steps. Remove your Gmail account completely from your device and reload it. Your contacts, notes and email will be retrieved once you set your account back up.

Hope you are able to login again , keep enjoying the Gmail services on you iPhone /iPad.