What to do when your SD card doesn’t work ?

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SD card doesn’t work

There are many at times when your SD doesn’t work when you connect it to your PC. And it doesn’t show up too the files which we would be looking for copying. SD card doesn’t work is not a great question to be answered complicatedly but you will easily understand it with the help of this blog. Even if it has lost the memory we can easily get it back by using the Ease Us data recovery wizard. 

Common problems that arise with SD Card

  • SD does not detect in PC
  • SD is not being able to read 
  • SD doesn’t connect 
  • SD not available 

To find the common issue with SD card you have to read the blog and learn how to fix it. These are all the simple and easy problem that you will have to know once you learn it today. 

How to fix the SD card issues 

This is not a big problem so you need not worry about it. And mainly if you wanna fix it up then read the below points. 

SD card test

SD card test

That SD which is not been showing up in your PC must be tried injecting in another PC. And make sure the PC doesn’t have any malware issue. And if it recognizes then the problem is in your adapter.
So you can buy a new adaptor and connect your SD card and try it out. 

Drive letter to be changed

Go to the Run window and then diskmgmt.MSC must be typed and entered. Then the disk management will get opened . Then find the SD card and select the change drive letter and path option.
The new window will appear there tap on add and then the SD card should be assigned. 

CHKDSK to be run

CHKDSK to be run

Go to the Disk manager find whether it can detect an SD card. And then open the run window and type CMD and tap enter.
Then type chkdsk D:/f and then enter button is to be tapped.
This will help you find the errors in your SD card. It will automatically detect the problem and fix the issue. 

SD card to be updated

In Device Manager, you will find the card reader option and then you have to choose the Disk drivers.
Choose your USB and then right-click and select the Uninstall option this will scan the secondary input and refresh the driver. 

Scan SD

Scan SD

Open your Antivirus software and then you can find that it asking you to scan the new secondary device. So you have to tap on its scan .
Else open the My computer option and then you will find the secondary device tap on it and then right-click over the card. There you will find the option called scan. Tap on it, it will scan and detect the issue. 

These are the ways using which you can fix the SD card doesn’t work issue. And the stuff are not so hard so follow it to fix the problem. 

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