Why my yahoo mail not receiving emails

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Why my yahoo mail not receiving emails

Yahoo being one of the most popular mailing service, sometimes face issues like not receiving mails, which is frustrating many times. The problem may be due incorrect server address, server authentication problem, filter problem, email addresses being blocked or connection problem. If you are also facing problem that my yahoo mail not receiving emails, take the help of following options:

Server address incorrect:

if the email server is incorrect, so checking the server address will help you in identifying whether the problem lies here or there is any other issue. Just fill these server addresses- Imap server address-imap.yahoo.com, SMtp Server address-smtp.yahoo.com and Pop server address-pop.yahoo.com.

Authentication type:

authentication protocol is a type of computer communications protocol or cryptographic protocol specifically designed for transfer of authentication data between two entities. SSL is for incoming server authentication and for outgoing it should be TLS.

Filter related issue:

when someone has applied an email filter, the emails gets forwarded to trash or spam folder. Check the filter settings of your email and check if they are being moved to trash or spam folder. If you identify any filter, delete it immediately. Now you will start receiving emails again.  

Check your email forwarding settings:

Email forwarding service enables you to forward an email received from one user to other. Though the feature is useful for many especially who have multiple accounts. But can create problem in many cases. If you are not able to receive mails, check the email forwarding settings and make the changes if the problem lies there.

May be your email address is blocked:

Check the email block list, in case your email has been blocked by some other email provider. If you get any email address in the block list, delete that email from the block list.

These instructions will surely help to resolve any issue which is blocking you from receiving mails. Check your settings whether anything is obstructing your email address from receiving emails. Settings like reply-to address which should be blank, blocked address of sender, incorrect marking in spam folder and email filters can prevent email getting to your inbox.

Another possible reason is that the sender has a problem in his account. Ask them if they have entered the email address full and correct. Suggest them to contact their email provider for any further assistance. If the issue is from sender’s side then ask him to clear it out. I think you fix your yahoo mail not receiving emails error.

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