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Google Drive Information and Customer Service Phone Number

Google Drive may be a document piling and synchronization drive created by Google. Google Drive enables users to store documents within the cloud, and additionally to synchronize records crosswise over gadgets. Google Drive offers applications for Windows and Macintosh iOS PCs, and Android and iOS cell phones and tablets. Google Drive envelops Google Docs, Sheets and Slides, and additionally an office suite that licenses altering of reports, spreadsheets, introductions, illustrations, structures etc. Documents created and altered through the workplace suite are saved in Google Drive. These are some point of google drive features: • Safe and Powerful
• Keep any file here
•Powerful Search
• 15 GB space
• you can work offline and additionally able to scan your information from google drive
• Share any issue like the photo, video, information files etc.

What are the problems users face in google drive? for which need google drive customer service phone number

1: Reliability:
An unwavering quality or otherwise called reliability is that the distinction between progress and disappointment within the distributed storage business. It’s for that terrible reason that Google Drive won’t win a huge number of friends nowadays. The administration was down on March 18 for some clients, and therefore the people who were influenced even took to Twitter to specific their frustration 2: Poor Security:
The most serious issue is that the administration’s credentialing. getting in Google Drive is as basic as being signed into your Google account. therefore within the event that you simply have Firefox open and Gmail up, it’s going to be as basic as some other person getting to Google Drive within the browser to get access to your files and folders. 3:Add-on Apps:
Google Drive accompanies some further applications, similar to Forms, Drawings and App Scripts, among others, that are meant to upgrade the advertising. In any case, in truth, those applications really do not perform and in addition, Google would have clients accept, and do not add a complete bundle to the expertise. These stands enter stark contrast to alternative cloud storage services like Dropbox, that works with a good exhibit of top-notch stockpiling applications, as DropItToMe, SendToDropbox and others like Microsoft’s OneDrive.

Contact Google Drive Technical Support Number

The Google drive users even have a provision to report a feedback directly through Google drive. Your feedback is taken as feedback and complaints and problems would be resolve by experts as all the problems are sorted through the Google drive technical support number. For the same, you’ll follow the steps:- 1: you’ve got to go to the “settings” possibility on the Google drive
2:now you’ve got to scroll down to click on “Help”.3:Then you’ve got to click on “send feedback”.
4:Now you’ll write down your issue as a feedback then click on “send”.

Google Drive Technical Support Number: (866) 535-7333
Google Drive Customer Service Phone Number (866)535-7333